Horizon Blade Nano QX with Devo 7E Devistion TX

Today I received my Nano QX preloaded with a Fatshark FPV module (about 140€ plus a few additional batteries).
The idea was to have a small indoor quad for the winter months.
The Nano QX is also available without the FPV module (about 60€) but I deceided to get it with FPV because of more indoor fun.

I was able to bind it in the first try with my DeviationTX Devo 7E with the following settings:
Protocoll DSMX / 7 channels (default)

CH2 AIL (Expo 30%)
CH3 ELE (Expo 30%)
CH5 none
CH6 Switch (eg DR0)

The CH6 is used to change the flight mode between stable (red led) and acro (blue led) when toggled.

Its a big fun to fly around in the home using FPV…

The batterie lasts about 4-5 minutes of flight time (moderate crusing).


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