Tablet Photo Frame with FTP Sync and Automated Start&Stop

I was searching for a Photo Frame to be placed at the grandparents of my little daughter with the following features:

  • Synchronisation with a FTP server to allow remote update of photos
  • Automated stop in the evening and start in the morning to prevent the photo frame from illuminating the room

As I could not find a turnkey solution I deceided to build it on my own based on an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (T310). Note: The tablet needs to be rooted to allow automated stopping of the photo frame in the evening.

Step 1: FTP Synchronisation

  • Create FTP server login (I used my hosted webspace to create a ftp subaccount)
  • Create local folder for pictures on tablet (e.g. /sdcard/fotos_bilderrahmen)
  • Install FolderSync lite app (Play Store)
  • In FolderSync create “Account” using your FTP login data
  • In FolderSync create “Folderpair”. Select the FTP-Account and the local folder. Define scheduling e.g. hourly, activate deleting files on local side if deleted on server.

Step 2: Photo Frame app

  • Install Photo Frame app Premium (Play Store)
  • Start app and configure (e.g. refresh folder content e.g. 15min, orientation, transition between photos, …)
  • Select local photo folder (SD) and create startpage shortcut to start photoshow directly from this folder (use button top right)

Step 3: Automate start and stop of photo frame app

  • Install Automate app (Play Store)
  • Start app and activate app start after boot (in app properties)
  • Create new flow (see screenshots, take care on values for app start block)

    Step 4: Integrate in wooden photo frame

    • Fix tablet with double sided mirror tape (e.g. Tesa)
    • Glue additional wooden spacers to stabilize
    • Optional: Order (or DIY) taylored passepartout (e.g. art&more)